sam your face is out of control and it should stay that way

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thank you bathtub barracuda

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So a friend of mine pitched down the sound of a baby crying and

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I haven’t posted here in ages. Probably because I made a facebook again.


Craw so hard…

Das me!

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Long day at work. I also got my haircut a few days ago.

Long day at work. I also got my haircut a few days ago.

Okay so you know how there are organic beings floating around in the sky that can travel thousands of miles an hour and make 90 degree turns within the blink of an eye? Well I think the government is going to tell us that they are angels and that they are good for humanity. Because angels are supposed to protect us right? They gain our trust. The thing is, I think they are actually demons who told the government to tell us that they are angels, so we think we are safe and protected for the alien invasion that is sure to come. But the aliens have been here working with our government for years now, and this is all their idea to keep us regular citizens more manageable.